How worth is the bahrain 100 coin

Uncirculated versions of these coins will be worth more but you need to be more specific by posting a new question.

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See the thing is Fils is derived from dinar only so, These are 100 fils coins. 1000 fils make up a Bahraini dinar.Click the green dollar signs for Coin Values Printable version of this page.Something with such a little value is unlikely to be exchangeable at most currency exchange places.

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Of course the coin may be more or less than 1 Dinar but the value can be attained from those figures.

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An overview of the types of ancient coins mentioned in the King James Bible,.

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Historic coins from the nations of the Middle East, including.If we narrow it down to common coins, the highest American coin is worth 25 cents,.The British Royal Mint struck a small quantity of copper-nickel 100 Halala coins for Saudi Arabia.

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BAHRAIN 1992 25 FILS COIN KM#18 AH1412 Middle East - XF

Obverse: STATE OF BAHRAIN 1412 1992 - an Ancient Painting, within a circle.

How much is 100 fils from Bahrain worth in the us?

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The only type of 100 Dinars coin is a commemorative issued in 1978, and only 5000 pieces were struck.

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